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Choosing a poor hotel can ruin your stay, so take a moment to read through the advantages and disadvantages of each district before choosing the Bangkok hotel you will be staying in.

Many people find it difficult to plan a trip to Bangkok because there are many strange foreign languages to learn as well as conflicting advice. If you are going to Bangkok for the first time or just curious about where you are, I will give you a quick summary of famous districts in the mysterious capital of Thailand. No matter how much money you bring with you, or what your preferences are, there is always something in Bangkok that matches your needs.


bangkok hotel
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Brief Summary

Sukhumvit features an 18-km-long road of shopping, dining and nightlife in Bangkok and offers a wide variety of activities. It is no exaggeration to say that Sukhumvit has something that can please all visitors. While the Thai characteristic is present in every corner of the area, you will find many restaurants, trendy bars, shopping centers, hotels, clubs that use air-conditioners to give you an international look. Another plus is the skytrain (BTS) station, which makes it easy to wander around Bangkok.

Perfect for…
People who enjoy partying
People looking for shopping opportunities
People who enjoy eating at modern restaurants
Those who love a little bit of everything (but are not afraid to walk short distances between locations)
The Good!
There are many options for dining and nightlife
The hotel has a wide range of prices, styles and star rating
BTS Skytrain makes moving easier
The Bad
Few sightseeing places and they are located far away from each other
The traffic is annoying
The attractions are far apart so you have to walk a lot


bangkok hotel
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Brief Summary
The riverside area is the traditional heartland of this magical city with origins that read like an epic novel, with fallen and rising Kingdoms, heroes and traitors. Today, the city is constantly evolving and changing its appearance with passenger boats, historical palaces, glittering lights, and luxury five-star hotels.

Perfect for…
Wealthy travellers
Couples who want to stay in the city, but avoid the hustle and traffic of the city center
Families who want to stay in a  resort
The Good
Beautiful view
Bangkok’s most romantic place
Relaxing environment
Powerful by the river wind
Many 5-star hotels
The Bad
Slightly away from the center (depending on how far you live from the BTS skytrain station)
There is little choice in price


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Brief Summary
Silom is full of contrast. During the day, the staff dresses neatly, flocking to offices in high-rise buildings and financial center on Silom Road. Meanwhile, at night, people from far-away distances are attracted by many of Bangkok’s best restaurants and nightlife activities around Patpong.

Perfect for…
Merchants (finding excuses to visit the red lights districts)
People looking for bustling nightlife
Visitors who revisit the city
People want to find a compact place that have everything but with at an affordable price
The Good
Great restaurants
Patpong (Bangkok’s famous red-light district and bazaar)
Central location
Hotels with a variety of prices from affordable to luxury
Easy access to and from BTS, MRT and taxi
The Bad
Can seem too modern, fewer traditional, cultural characteristics
Lots of pedestrian traffic at night
Automotive traffic jams are also frequent in the early evenings, around 5:00 pm


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Brief Summary
Pratunam is an easily spotted no matter where you are in Bangkok thanks to its gigantic icon, the Baiyoke Sky Hotel, a 88-storeys structure, which is one of Thailand’s tallest buildings.  Pratunam is home to 24-hour open markets and wholesale centers with items such as fashion items, apparel, bags, sportswear, wigs and many more. This is a bustling and busy area with an international atmosphere as there are many tourists from all over the world who would come to look for their favorite items.

Perfect for…
Young visitors
Love shopping
Wholesaler business
People who enjoy the hustle and bustle atmosphere
The Good
Pratunam Market is famous
Many restaurants have affordable prices
Visit the Baiyoke Building, for a view from the highest point in Bangkok
The cheapest place to find sleeping accomodations in central Bangkok
The Bad
Terrible traffic
Extremely crowded
BTS station is 15 minutes away
Silom is not as good as the Siam district next door


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Brief Summary
There is no doubt that Siam is the shopping capital of Bangkok, and it has the largest shopping malls in the city such as MBK, Siam Center, and Siam Paragon. The scene is always vibrant with the images of students, employees, city dwellers, and crowds of tourists. It is also a central BTS station so it’s easy to commute to the surrounding areas.

Perfect for…
Lovers in the city center
People who are planning to visit lots of different places in Bangkok
The Good
There are many shopping options
Many family attractions
The central BTS station makes it easy to move around
Lots of food choices
Most interesting places are within walking distance
The Bad
Not many night activities
Does not reflect Thai characteristics


bangkok hotel
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Brief Summary
Plenty of shops, restaurants, temples and the largest gathering of Bangkok’s largest throngs are the concrete proof that China Town is a must-see. As the sun descends, the roads become a culinary paradise for patrons to come and enjoy the gourmet sidewalk food. If you visit during major festivals, like the Chinese New Year, you will see the best of Bangkok’s Chinatown.

Perfect for…
Backpacking tourists
People traveling on a budget
People who want to go to a busy and dynamic place
The Good
The selection of street food is enormous
Shopping at cheap prices
The street life is extremely bustling
Interesting photo shooting location
The Bad
The most crowded place in the city
There are not many hotels in this area

Old City

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Brief Summary
Located just north of Chinatown, the Old City (Rattanakosin) is where you’ll find Bangkok’s most spectacular and revered historical attractions. This is home to many of Bangkok’s most celebrated and revered historic sites such as The Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew and Wat Pho. The area not only offers the richness of the former royal court, but also gives you, with a day or two to discover the area, a deeper look at the heart, soul, and spirit of the Thai people. In addition to the Old City area, on Khao San Road there are many cheap guest houses, internet cafés, and vibrant bars and clubs.

Perfect for…
Backpacking tourists
People looking for cheap eats
The Good
Many famous places and museums
Relaxing atmosphere
Expresses the lifestyle of the people of Bangkok
Interesting photo shooting location
The Bad
Moving to other cities is not very convenient

These are some suggested districts for your visit in Bangkok. You might want to consider your budget and preference before making a booking. I hope you have a nice stay and enjoy your time in Bangkok and Thailand.



  1. Chinatown hotel is the place for those who want to experience china town live. Great location and gaily good service on a very busy evening. Very inexpensive and tasty food and non sugared juices and a few beers.


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