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Our story

In 2015, our co-founder Alex climbed up the highest mountain in Indochina with a local minority guide named Pe. Later he found out Pe was paid less than 10% of what he paid to the agency. Alex thought that was very unfair and decided to create Inspitrip.

Inspitrip has been set up to empower local communities and make travelling more authentic and meaningful.Read full story

Pe the local insider & Alex

“We are far more like a family than a company team. And that isn’t just marketing spiel I text my mum saying it”

— Abi

Meet the team

Alex Huynh
Business Development

Nguyen Ngo
Product Director

Vu Nguyen

Tan Nguyen
Full Stack Developer

Tien Huynh
Frontend Master

Hai Nguyen
Full Stack Developer

Phuong Nguyen
Full Stack Developer

Vu Tran
Frontend Developer

Duy Tran
Office Manager

Phuong Nguyen
Marketing Specialist

Hang Nguyen
Product Specialist

Abi Travers
Marketing Advisor

Our advisors

Ben Heap
H2 Ventures

Toby Heap
H2 Ventures

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Please email us at team@inspitrip.com