Trust and Safety

We take the safety of our travellers as well as local insiders seriously. These are the current methods to ensure safety and transparency of our users. These methods will be revised, updated, and improved frequently.

   Profile Checks: IDs checks and social account verifications on all users.

  • Local insiders with the “Verified” stamp on their profile indicates that they have submitted their identification or their identity has been verified. In rare cases where we are not satisfied with the documents, the Inspitrip team will personally interview the tour guide to verify his/her information.
  • Local insiders profile that do not meet our standard quality will not be published on our website.

   Two-way Review System: Both traveller and local insider can give feedback to their partner after the tour. This ensures the transparency and quality of our service and encourages all users to contribute their opinions to the community.

   Removal of bad profiles:

  • Any local insider profile with 2 consecutive negative reviews will be suspended immediately.
  • If we see any signs of inappropriate languages and uses of the service, the account will be blocked immediately. This applies to both travellers and local insiders.

   Secure payment system: Local insiders only receive the tour fee when they have positive feedback or if there is no response from travellers within 7 days after the tour.

   Communication/Transaction platform: To ensure safety for both local insider and traveller, we encourage you to communicate via Inspitrip. All transactions are REQUIRED to occur within Inspitrip system. This helps us detect issues and violations and intervene when needed. We are NOT responsible for any communications and/or transactions that occur outside of our system.