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"Such an incredible tour if you're lucky enough to visit the site on a nice weather day. The clear sky helped us a lot to get the stunning views if this iconic mountain. The cruise and bullet train took us through..."

คุณนายเจนศรี เ.

"Had a great time traveling with Yuki. She was so sweet and knowledgeable, showing us around, explained to the smallest details and took care of all our needs. Luckily, we booked this trip on a nice weather day so we..."

Amy W.

"A great day out. You will see a lot, even better if you get a clear day like we did. It is a full day with a lot of traveling though."

Rob S.

"The view was so damn awesome!"

Sheryl B.

"Amazing guide, beautiful places, the only thing I could wish for is full day trips to each destination on their own. Our guide gave us an abundance of history and information."

Alex H.

"Really enjoyed the guide's information about the region. If you have a chance I would highly recommend that you do this tour! Wish we could have stayed longer."

Roy V.

"Great tour. Amazing guide. We were able to see mt fuji without clouds."

Alexandra R.

"The trip was great! It was quite long but totally worth it. I don't understand people's complaints about spending too much time on the coach... I mean from Tokyo to Mt Fuji is more than 100km... Thumbs up for Inspitrip..."

Tony F.
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The city of Tokyo has a vast array of sights and activities to satisfy the most curious travelers in the world. This is where the future and past intertwine, with glimpses of high-tech, futuristic areas as well as temples, old gardens, and shrines. It is also considered the gastronomic capital of the world, not just for the famous sushi, but for the fact that it has more Michelin stars than anywhere else. Let’s get on the (world’s most sophisticated) railways and explore this dynamic city with one of our local guides!