Top things to do in Taipei

Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, attracts tourists around the world thanks to its harmonious fusion between the Chinese culture and the Japanese, Southeast Asian and American influences.There are many ways to experience Taipei. Inspitrip offers various local products and real insights to the Taiwanese life in Taipei. Check this out!

About Taipei

If you are looking for a culturally-rich yet non-touristy place to visit, you are at the right place. The capital of Taiwan is a modern metropolis, with a curious blend of Chinese, Japanese, and American culture. In Xinyi, you will be overwhelmed by the skyscrapers, financial towers, urban shopping malls, and entertainment venues. Wandering the streets of Wanhua, you will find religious temples, little houses, and small alleys that take you back in time to experience the oldest district of Taipei. Another thing that you cannot miss is Taiwanese street food! There are only few places on earth that you can find the combination of cheap, clean, delicious food, as well as friendly service!

Talking about friendliness, probably the one thing that almost all Taipei travelers will remember is Taiwanese people. They are friendly, sincere, and polite. People are also highly mindful of keeping their streets clean, so as a traveler, remember to respect and follow the local culture.

This lovely city has a lot to offer even the most curious ones, including historical landmarks, shopping malls, trekking trails, etc. So make sure that you make the most out of your stay here and uncover the best of Taipei!

New Taiwan Dollar
1 NT$ = 7,500 VND
Best time to visit
September - November


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