The best Blue Mountains day tours to truly live in the nature of Sydney

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Looking for the best way to explore the Blue Mountains, a region that covers 8 national parks and gigantic sandstone cliffs that date back to the age of the dinosaurs? Imagine being surrounded by the dramatic scenery of rugged mountains, or feeding cuddly kangaroos with your hands. That is just one part of your amazing adventure with Inspitrip.

An hour away from the cityscape of Sydney, Blue Mountains appears with impressive landscapes, thrilling wildlife, and a unique history and tribal culture. It is also home to the world's largest eucalyptus forest and many wildlife sanctuaries. The mountain range is vast and old, with beautiful weather all year-round, making it a perfect destination for family, nature lovers, and even adventurous travelers.

Yet it can be challenging to reach the Blue Mountains on your own. A good physical foundation and a well-organized plan are required if you want to conquer this iconic sight. With the help of an experienced local guide from Inspitrip, however, uncovering the epic beauty of Blue Mountains whilst gaining cool insights into the local life is absolutely viable! Save yourself some trouble and join in our best day trips to truly admire this natural wonder of Australia.

The best Blue Mountains tours that reveal the beauty of nature

Blue Mountains exhibits some of Australia's most spectacular scenery; promising visitors astonishing mountainous views, dazzling valleys, and wonderful wildlife. Throughout the region, there are plenty of things to keep you busy, whether you're on the hunt for some wildlife spotting opportunities, or want to learn more about the rich history of the area. Read on to get a glance of how amazing your trip is going to be!

The famous Three Sisters Rock formation.

Feel tiny in the majestic of nature

Spanning across 11,400 km2 of land, Blue Mountains appears pristine and vast. With towering eucalyptus trees, dipping waterfalls, and sheer limestone cliffs, you will immediately feel like a small dot on a grand scale. Yet, it still triggers your sense of conquest as soon as you reach the site.

Inspitrip also highlights your travel itinerary with some unique spots like Evans Lookout or Echo Point, which cannot be reached by large group tours. From here, enjoy the splendid views of the famous Three Sister rock formation and get an up-close and personal interaction with Aussie native species in the wild. What better than to take the road less traveled?

See up-close many Aussie native species in their natural habitat.

Travel back to the era of dinosaurs

Blue Mountains is said to be around 10 times older than the Grand Canyon, with an ancient sandstone plateau underneath that is roughly 470 million years old. It is also the home of the famous Wollemi Pine, which is known as a 'living fossil' dating back to the age of dinosaurs. Incredible, right? And there are still lots of things that remain hidden inside the epic beauty of Blue Mountains. Follow your knowledgeable guide to learn more about the historical and horticultural significance of this heritage site to the Australian people.

Explore the ancient forests dating back to the age of dinosaurs.

Reach up to touch the sky

The peak of Blue Mountains is located at Mt Werong, whose height is 1,215 meters above sea level. This tour will not take you to Mt Werong but to the Kings Tableland, which proves to be the most prominent natural landmark of Blue Mountains. Located at the altitude of 1000m, the Kings Tableland will get all the blue haze of all over the area in your eyes and make you feel the sky right above your head. Wandering around, you'll also find plenty of beautiful hiking routes and a stunning selection of wild scenery to explore.

Trekking to the King Tableland to get all the blue haze of the area.

Explore the Aboriginal history

If you're a history buff or a culture lover, the Blue Mountains is the place to go. A guided bush walk along the Kings Tableland will take you to explore one of the most historically important parts of Blue Mountains. Here, you'll find a real-life show of Australia's Aboriginal history that has lasted for thousands of years.

Blue Mountains also attracts curious visitors with several strange myths and mysterious legends. If you're a vivid explorer, this site will absolutely trigger your curiosity with the stories of the black panther in the Lithgow area, UFOs spotted in Katoomba village and the ghost town of Yerranderie.

Explore the myths and legends of Blue Mountains.

Frequently asked questions

Is Blue Mountains really worth a visit?

Absolutely! If you’re a nature lover, Blue Mountains will greet you with the world’s largest ancient eucalypt forest. Exploring the national wildlife sanctuaries, as well as learning about Australia's threatened ecological community will definitely bring you a fresh perspective on the preservation of wilderness.

If you’re an adventurous explorer, Blue Mountains will show up as an awe-inspiring mountain range with rugged canyons and dipping valleys. Climbing to some of the highest peaks in the Blue Mountains, marveling at the stunning panoramic views and experiencing the world's steepest railway will definitely give you a sense of achievement.

If you're a culture buff and always want to fill your trips with cultural stories, the Blue Mountains will take you to the thousand year home of Aboriginal peoples. Grab this chance to visit many of the cultural sites and learn about the rich past of this region as well as the customs and heritage of the local tribes.

When is the best time to visit?

Blue Mountains is indeed a great place to visit all year-round. Flushing in fall, cool in winter, colorful in spring, and refreshing in summer. More rainfall will turn up from November to March, while snowfall only happens 5 days per year in this region. You will hardly see the ice blanketing the peaks, but a natural blue haze will scatter all over the area. During summertime, day temperatures can reach up to 35°C and higher, but it is still bearable. Summer nights are pretty cool, making the Blue Mountains itself an ideal spot for many outdoor activities.

The area also hosts various seasonal festivals that can push the accommodation prices and crowds up, yet they are also lots of fun to join in. The key events are the Blue Mountains Music Festival in March, the Winter Magic Festival in June, Christmas in July, and the Leura Garden Festival in October. If you are lucky enough to be traveling on one of these special occasions, you will certainly have many unique experiences and gain bountiful insights into the traditional cultures.

Can I visit Blue Mountains by myself?

Yes, you absolutely can! Located just about an hour drive from central Sydney, Blue Mountains can be easily reached by any means of transportation. Do some research and you will have some quick information about this iconic site. You will not only get all of the regional highlights such as the famous Three Sister Rock formation, the picturesque Katoomba village, and the stunning Wentworth Falls, but also their historical and cultural significance to the Australian people. Yet you will also need to plan your itinerary very carefully, some physical exercises and a good foundation of biological knowledge as you go further inside the world’s oldest natural landmarks.

A more convenient way is to join an experienced local on a guided tour. They are perfect for travelers who do not have much time to look for things to do in Blue Mountains and only have limited time to see the region. If you’re not experienced in hiking or bushwalking, a tour can give you a pleasant guided walk in the forest, or hike along the mountainous trails to see more than you might if you travel alone. Professional local guides are carefully selected by Inspitrip to have your travel itineraries tailored for your needs and preferences, guaranteeing that you’ll see all the best parts and gain real insights without needing to do a whole lot of research.

How long should I stay at the Blue Mountains?

The mountains are a perfect distance from Sydney for a day trip, which will give you a taste of the region. However, an overnight stay will delight you with fantastic views at sunset and great memories at nightfall in the village. Keen bushwalkers can easily find many things to do here to stay for a week! A 2 or 3-day visit is ideal, but if you don't have the luxury of time, then one day is still a great option.

Why should I travel to Blue Mountains with Inspitrip?

Because we have many options with tons of insightful experiences for you. Available in private and small group tours, every itinerary offered by Inspitrip is exclusively designed to suit your needs and desires. And most importantly, your trip will be guided by a local expert who is always passionate about sharing the most authentic experiences with you and to enrich your travel experiences.