Top things to do in Sydney

Looking for a way to escape the tourist traps and figure out the best things to do in Sydney? Here’s your ultimate guide! First, let’s understand what this city is about from a local perspective.

From the modern city with iconic landmarks, spectacular events and fascinating activities to the idyllic beaches, great national parks and impressive World's heritage-listed sites. Sydney is a city full of contrasts and astonishments. Discover its things to do and every seasonal event from the local perspectives.

Sydney, the capital of New South Wales and one of Australia's largest metropolitan city, is one of the most visited destinations throughout Asia Pacific region. The city offers travelers all the best of natural wonders and human-made structures, allowing them to explore the thousands of years of exotic Aboriginal culture while still being able to enjoy modern life comfort. Sydney will unfold your dreamlike adventure by taking you from the sparkling harbor to the iconic Bondi Beach in the east, golden Palm Beach in the north, the adventure capital in the west, and Australia's oldest national park in the south.

If you are a bit artistry and do not want to miss out any of the city's spectacular events, into the heart of the city are many emblematic buildings, grand museums, art galleries as well as a myriad of top tourist attractions. Endless options are available to choose, from the classic musicals at the Opera House, dazzling exhibitions at Art Gallery of NSW, or night river cruise under the iconic Harbour Bridge.

Are you a nature lover or adventurous explorer? Join a day trip to immerse yourself in the natural landscapes of Sydney's suburb, have an up-close look at the thrilling wildlife and learn about the unique tribal culture.

Every experience in Sydney is unique and extraordinary. This vibrant city shines all day and night and is a magical place to visit all year around. With a help of a local expert, take a deep breath and be ready, you are about to get in all the hidden gems of this alluring city, in the most authentic way!

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