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Cambodia is a country calm and small in size, yet rich in cultures and history. Lying beneath the beautiful Cardamom mountains and on the bank of the tranquil Mekong river, Angkor Wat Temples Complex appears like a seductive and mysterious Khmer village and will immediately get your modern world long way off.

Available in both private and standard group tours, handcrafted itinerary, brilliant English-speaking guide, the trips are perfectly designed to fits your needs and personality. Make your steps further into this world's largest religious monument to immerse in the classic Khmer architectures, get embraced by local hospitality, and learn more about the glorious period of Cambodian history that you cannot get from anywhere else.

The best Angkor Wat tour that you will never regret

It is vital for any travelers to Cambodia to admire the awe-inspiring size and beauty of the Angkor Wat Temple Complex. You can easily access this national icon of Cambodia, yet may find yourself cluelessly wandering around similar-looking ruins without understanding their historical meaning. With some help from a knowledgeable local guide, your trip will be totally different with tons of insight into this glorious ancient city.

Angkor Wat temple complex

Fill your entire trip with in-depth knowledge

Known as the city of temples, Angkor Wat is huge - 208 hectares in total. This site has more than 70 major temples. First-time visitors may be overwhelmed by the massive size of each temple, and soon will find them all similar. In fact, they are all distinct in their structure, history, and religious purposes.

Our best Angkor Wat tours are organized by knowledgeable local guides to enhance your experience here by many folds. No more tracing routes on complicated maps or futile bargains with drivers, you will be riding on a tuk-tuk through each destination. Our local guide will let you in on things known exclusively by the locals, and help you uncover all the hidden gems.

Angkor Thom

Witness the magical moment in your own way

Did you know that unlike most temples, Angkor Wat faces the west - the direction of death? This has sparked many debates among historians about the religious meaning behind it. There is one thing for sure, however, that the view of Angkor Wat at sunrise is magical. Be ready for the transformation of the colors of the sky and the ruins - what a stunning, harmonious combination of natural and human-made beauty! Thousands of visitors show up at 4 a.m. every day to witness this precious moment. Don't you want to be a part of it? For those who don't, you can ask our local guide to show you a less crowded spot with an equally superb view for a spiritual refreshment.

Sunrise at Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Say NO to animal abuse!

In the scorching weather of Cambodia, some people may easily be attracted to the elephants carrying tourists from temple to temple. Some local agencies recognize and make use of tourist interest, but provide terrible treatment to these animals. We do not recommend treating them as mere transportation or amusement. Instead, we provide traditional transportation options to not only give you the most authentic experience with the locals but also protect the surrounding environment. Be a responsible traveler with us.

Cambodian Elephant Rider

Helpful local advice.

There are great differences in the cultures of the East and West, especially when you travel to a country with dignified cultural and religious beliefs. There are countless things to do and learn, but also things that you should be careful about. Dress modestly and respectfully when entering the places of worship, ask for permissions before doing anything even taking photos or giving money to the locals. Don't let cultural differences become a barrier to your journey. A local guide would be of great help in these situations. Follow their advice, you will surely gain a lot of valuable lessons!

Angkor Wat Sculpture

Frequently asked questions

Is Angkor Wat really worth a visit?

Totally yes! For many travelers, this place is the only reason why they come to Cambodia. Since it was the capital of the once-powerful Khmer empire, Angkor Wat is heaven for those interested in culture, religion, history, or even art and architecture. Although destroyed, the ruins of the Angkor Wat Complex are still able to give you a lot of insight and knowledge about their glorious history.

Furthermore, it doesn't matter if you are a history buff or just a curious fan of Tomb Raider, Angkor Wat will still delight you with its epic sunrise and sunset views.

When is the best time to visit?

Cambodia is warm all year around. The best time to visit Angkor Wat is from late November to early April, when the weather is dry and mild, but it is also the peak travel season. Heat and humidity define the month of April and May, while rainy season begins in June and lasts until late October. The summery air in Cambodia may cause you some inconvenience. Still, don't let the tropical humid weather keep your mood down, our caring local guide will prepare an air-conditioned minivan and many other customized experiences just for you.

Can I visit Angkor Wat by myself?

Of course, you can. It takes only 20 minutes for you to get from Siem Reap to Angkor Wat, and there are also many means of transportation available for you to get there. You can take a public bus, rent a motorbike, or ride a tuk-tuk. But as you arrive at Angkor Wat, try not to get lost in the maze of temples. You may find yourself wandering cluelessly among many similar ancient ruins, or dealing with endless bargaining with local drivers.

Understanding these concerns, our best Angkor Wat tours are wholeheartedly organized by our friendly and informative local guide to enhance your experience by many fold. Transportation, entrance fees, and other logistics will be well taken care of. If you are more interested in understanding the historical background rather than merely looking at the displays, we strongly recommend you to go with a local guide.

Is there anything else I should know before visiting?

Normally, visitors will get a multi-day pass to visit some of the outer temples when it is less crowded and watch the sunrise on the next day. Our best suggestion, for those who arrive late in the day, is to buy a one-day pass at closing time (6:00 pm). This way you can enjoy the view of the site at sunset, as well as activate your pass for the next day to watch the famous sunrise and start your visit.

You can do some research about the cultural and religious beliefs of Cambodians and the role of the Angkor Wat Temple Complex in history prior to the trip, just so you can make the most out of your discussion with the local guide. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated as you will be outside walking around for the entire day.

Regarding of dress code, we suggest wearing lightweight and breathable clothes. The weather in Cambodia is usually hot and humid, so wear something that keeps you comfortable throughout the trip. Bring a hat, a pair of sunglasses, and wear sunscreen. Revealing clothes and short bottoms are not recommended. Behavior such as yelling, climbing, and stepping on the ruins will be considered rude. It is still a religious site, so please show your respect to the locals. Local people may be offended by behavior that is considered normal to your culture. Asking your local guide for advice will be a good idea!

Why should I go to Angkor Wat with Inspitrip?

Because we prepare many options with tons of insightful experiences for you, from private, to small group, to standard group tours. Most importantly, these tours are all crafted by our carefully selected local guides. Besides having expert knowledge, they are all passionate about bringing the most authentic experiences to you as well as promoting local sustainable tourism.