Top things to do in Jakarta

You want to experience the traditional beauty of Indonesia hidden behind the modern, majestic buildings and brustling streets of Jakarta? Let's check out Inspitrip's list of most popular tourist spots in Jakarta and other attractions to have great memories here.

About Jakarta

The capital city of Jakarta is a bustling city surrounded by majestic mountains and beaches. This Indonesia's administrative center is also a crossroads between diverse cultures and religious identities, among which the Muslim community accounts for 85% of the population. If you are a non-Mulism and you would like to learn about Mulism traditions, you should visit the Istiqlal Mosque - the largest mosque in Southeast Asia - and marvel the beautiful Islamic motifs such as stars used to decorate the mosque.

To understand Indonesian history in the most vivid way, you should go to the National Monument, National Museum and especially the Fatahillah Museum - which is seen as the second version of Dam Palace in Amsterdam, Netherlands - to understand the era of Dutch colonialism in Indonesia.

For family with young children, you can have fun at Dunia Fantasi, the biggest amusement park in Indonesia, and let you kids watch some shows about Indonesian culture there. Nightfall is a time when you can soak up the bustling atmosphere at the shopping malls, walking streets, bars or daily outdoor film screenings at Dia.lo.gue gallery. For sourvenirs, You can find traditional local products like costumes, ethnic accessories or handicrafts at the Alun-Alun Indonesia shopping center or Sarinah Department Store.

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