The whole experience was more than I could have hoped for. It surpassed my expectations and far more than than I am able to capture in mere words and images! I couldn’t recommend more going on the Mekong delta tour with Vi, our knowledgable and adorable local insider Mekong delta tour with Vi… Read My Experience

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“The tour was amazing”

The information he provided about the country was relevant. The tour was amazing, Jack took us to amazing local vietnamese places far away from the big tour buses. We had an amazing experience while getting to know this amazing country. Had a bike ride along the Mekong where we could see the locals lifestyle, crossed the rived climbing monkey bridges, had a boat tour, went fishing and ate local vegetarian food. We had a blast.

“Highlight of our Vietnam trip”

Wow, we had the most amazing day in the Mekong Delta we Vi. She put together a complete tailor made and off the beaten track adventure for us. We saw no other tourist the whole day as we meandered up the delta by boat, then paddled up a small creek in a wooden boat, visited a local school whilst the children were having a break from their lessons and then cycled around the paths and lanes between the coconut groves. The most impressive was meeting real local people who were genuinely pleased to see us.

We ate beautiful fresh fruit with Uncle Tam in his tranquil garden, were invited into the home of a lady as we ambled past her house, visited a small coconut factory in a clearing on the riverside. We got to chat the the amazing women working in a small brush making factory who could talk and weave brooms at equally incredible speeds. We ate lunch in the riverside home of the delightful Mai’s family and after cycling were challenged to climb a coconut tree - but failed due a lack of basic skills. It was a day we will both remember for years to come.

“We all had a lovely day”

We all had a lovely day with Vi exploring a side of the Mekong Delta that we had not yet seen. Exploring an authentic local farmers market, canoeing through the small waterways between the palms, enjoying tasty fresh fruit in a lovely orchard and cooking & enjoying some super fresh food (fresh prawns, crabs and Vietnamese vegetables) was enjoyed by all. Learning to climb the coconut tree brought a laugh to all! Thanks very much Vi for showing us the Mekong and sharing with usa better understanding of Vietnam today :) wish you all the best!!

“Vi is the best guide we ever had”

We spent 2 days in Mekong Delta with Vi as our guide. We loved the tour she had custom made for us, traveling with 2 younger children Vi had a great feeling of our tempo and everything was just perfect. We visited plenty of small local fabrics and stayed in a wonderful local resort just close to the morning market. Vi is the best guide we ever had and we all loved her. Thank you so much, hope to see you in Copenhagen one day. Best wishes

“Our trip with Jack was more than amazing”

Our trip with Jack was more than amazing. Best trip in Vietnam. We enjoyed the time with the locals, no tourists around. We're glad to join a food market without any tourist, the nature by ourselves with Jack, had a boat trip on a river and a bike tour. At the end we had homemade food, a lot of food, with a local family. We loved every single moment. Thanks Jack for this opportunity. We will come back.

Save your limited traveling time

Our local insiders will help you take care of everything. Relax or do something worthwhile instead. You don’t even have to do much research in advance.

No tourist crowds

Yes, you read it right. Unlike any other top attractions, you can enjoy the local vibe without seeing any other tourists around.

Immerse in the real Mekong Delta

A truly off-the-beaten-path experience to see the local vibe. Talk to the local and listen to their stories, visit an elementary school, have lunch with a local family, go fishing, etc. Get ready!

A trip just for you

You can discuss with the local insider to customize the itinerary and create a trip unlike any others.

Still have questions

Is Mekong Delta worth a visit?

Well, the answer really depends on your personal preference. We can say that Mekong Delta is a one-of-a-kind experience. It is a culture special and interesting even to Vietnamese people. For example, the floating market here is for wholesale, so it is not as touristy and commercial as the markets you see in Thailand.

How far to Mekong Delta from Ho Chi Minh city?

Mekong Delta is located only 45 kilometers away from Ho Chi Minh City, click here to view on the map. It consists of several smaller towns so depending on which town you are traveling to, it may take from 1.5 - 3 hours drive. If you travel with our local insider, they can organize private transportation to and in Mekong Delta for you.

Can I explore Mekong Delta by myself?

Of course, you can. Take a bus by Thanh Buoi or Phuong Trang companies to Can Tho. You can stop on the way to visit different towns. Make sure to do your research carefully beforehand to avoid scams.

What to expect there?

You will get a chance to ride on a boat along the Mekong River into the jungle, walk around the local villages, visit local factories, go fishing, and a lot more! Well, save the best for a surprise

How to book a Local Insider?

You can choose from the list of Local Insiders and send them request. Most of the time, they’ll get back to you in less than 12 hour. Once you two finalize on the itinerary, you can proceed with the payment to confirm the trip. To maximise the chance of success, feel free to request more than one Local Insiders at once. For more information please refer to our How It Works page, or talk to our customer service team.

Do I need to prepare anything?

In terms of the activities, you can customize the itinerary proposed by the local guide. Bring sunscreen, repellent, an extra pair of flip-flops if possible, and an open mind!

How do I pay the Local Insider?

When you request the local guide, the price will be calculated as the guide fee per hour - this is to notify the local guide. Then, he or she will email you a proposed itinerary based on your basic information and preferences and the exact cost this itinerary. You can customize it however you want, make sure to discuss well with the local guide. Then, once you two agree on the final plan, you can confirm the booking by submitting your payment. Money will be held on our system and sent to the local guide as soon as we receive positive feedback from you.

Do I have to pay full price? And which payment methods are supported

Yes, you’ll pay full price to confirm the trip, please refer to our Booking Policy. We support payment via Paypal gateway which enable all the mandatory credit card like VISA, Mastercard, American Express,...

What costs are included in the tour fee?

The tour fee normally includes private transportations to and in Mekong Delta, food (lunch and fruits), activities costs, tips, guide fees, and booking fee ($5). The price varies depending on which local guide you choose, the location of the town you are traveling to, and your group size.

How do you calculate fees based on group size?

There is a minimum cost for each trip due to fees such as transportation. For couple or groups, there’s only a small fee ($20-$30) for each additional person, so we recommend this option. Please discuss with your local guide to know the exact price.

Should I tip my Local Insider after the trip?

Normally, tips are included in the total cost. Please discuss with your local guide first.

Is there any hidden fee?

No. Payments are made online to maximize transparency and minimize the risks that cash may cause to both you and the local guide. If you have any questions or problems, click here to talk to our customer service team.

Can I be a Local Insider in Mekong Delta like Vi & Jack?

Of course you can! If you live in the Mekong Delta, or just know it very well, and love to share your knowledge with travellers around the world? Sign up here a to become a local insider.

Can I be a Local Insider at my city?

Of course you can! If you are enthusiast and knowledgeable about your city, please sign up here to become a local insider.

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