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Things to do in Hanoi

Taste Hanoi signature dishes in the best hidden eateries

29 reviews

  • 3 hours in total

  • Meals, drink, & dessert included

  • Pick up inside Hoan Kiem District
A must street food tour for all the food-lovers who visit Hanoi. In just 3 hours, try more than 10 signature dishes of Hanoi cuisine while learning about their origin from a local food expert.

What To Expect

During their visit to Vietnam in 2016, President Barack Obama and Anthony Bourdain decided to casually dine at a local restaurant for bún chả. Instantly, the President became a fan. Hard to believe? Well, not for those who have tasted Hanoi cuisine!

(Photo courtesy of Instagram @anthonybourdain)
In this 3-hour walking tour, you will have the chance to sample more than 10 signature dishes. Our local guide has handpicked the best and safest street food vendors, eateries, and restaurants so that you can comfortably sit down and enjoy the food without worry.

As a food expert, our local guide will also give you an insight into the intricacies and traditions of Vietnamese food culture including details on the ingredients and historical backgrounds of popular northern dishes.

Wandering through the narrow streets of the Old Quarter, you will also have the chance to learn about their history while observing daily life in the modern days. This area is nearly a thousand years old, yet, much of the old flavor that made it special in earlier times has withstood the test of time. Each street resembles exclusive guilds, including blacksmiths, silver shops, paper shops, headstone makers and more.

The best thing about this tour is that you experience both the most well-known places, and the hidden gems of the city. You'll be able to see the best of both worlds and compare them for yourself! And, if you feel a bit adventurous, you can try Vietnamese rice wine: a type of alcoholic beverage made from sticky rice. Enjoy a hot cup of Hanoi's famous egg coffee; or if coffee is not your style, a cold beer across the street.

Make sure you have enough room in your stomach, because you'll be hitting all the popular dishes of Northern Vietnam: phở (northern style), bún chả, bánh mỳ, bánh cuốn, bún đậu mắm tôm, xôi, bún thang, chè, nộm bò khô, bánh gối, etc. All included in the price!

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This Hanoi street food tour can start in the morning at 11 a.m., or in the evening at 6 p.m. If you are staying within the Hoan Kiem District, our local guide will pick you up. Otherwise, you can arrange a meetup point inside Hoan Kiem District, or be picked up at your place of stay at extra cost.

Main activities

  • Walk through the streets of Hanoi's Old Quarter.
  • Eat as you go, try seasonal fruits and tasty a French-inspired snack from street carts.
  • Sample various signature Hanoi dishes such as bún chả and bánh cuốn at local eateries.
  • Watch skilled chefs demonstrate for you how these tasty dishes are put together.
  • Observe local life as you walk through the residential area of the Old Quarter.
  • Stop at an outdoor stall to sample various barbecued goodies.
  • Venture down a small alley to feast on fresh fruit served in a cup of crushed ice and condensed milk.
  • Visit a hidden alley to try bánh mỳ, Vietnamese rice wine, and the famous egg coffee or cold beer.

The dishes include: phở bò (phở with beef), bánh mì (Vietnamese sandwich), bánh rán (French-style fried cake), bánh gối (pillow pie), nem (northern style spring roll), bún chả (pork and vermicelli), bánh cuốn (steamed rice pancake), bún đậu mắm tôm (vermicelli with shrimp sauce and fried tofu), bún thang ("ladder" noodle), nộm bò khô (dried beef salad), chè (Vietnamese dessert), cà phê trứng (egg coffee), etc.


The trip will end after 3 hours. If you would like to continue exploring the area, don't forget to ask your local guide for more advice!

What's included

  • English-speaking guide.
  • Authentic Vietnamese snacks, dishes, and dessert.
  • One cup of coffee or cold beer per person.
  • Personal expenses (additional food, drinks, and shopping) are not included.
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29 reviews
Very good
Loved the guide and food - a wonderful tour through a...
Loved the guide and food - a wonderful tour through a beautiful city with sublime food! Thank you! 
Anne-marie Laslett
3 years ago
Our host Hoang was so knowledgeable and caring. We were so...
Our host Hoang was so knowledgeable and caring. We were so new to this country and some of us are vegetarians but that was not a problem to Hoang. He helped us to make the orders based on our requests. He also took us to some unique spots that may be known by the locals, introduced us to some new cool snacks as well as gave us a bit historical... Read more
Dave Audelo
4 years ago
Vietnamese cuisine has gone much beyond my expectation. Not...
Vietnamese cuisine has gone much beyond my expectation. Not only tasted famous Pho and Banh Mi, but also amazing steamed rice pancake and ladder noodles. Vermicelli with shrimp paste and fried tofu was not really my type of food but overall every dish in the itinerary is phenomenal. Really enjoyed this amazing food tour with Thuy! 
Daud Sulaeman
4 years ago
We like our tour guide, Susu. We couldn't ask for a better...
We like our tour guide, Susu. We couldn't ask for a better tour guide! She went beyond what a typical tour guide would do by singing for us and teaching us some Vietnamese words. For that I will give her 5 stars. However, the tour was a food tour and the food served to us were underwhelming. Inspitrip website said we will get to try more than... Read more
Jam Mutuc
4 years ago
Our guide turned out to be Dat. He was a remarkable young...
Our guide turned out to be Dat. He was a remarkable young man; patient, informative, humorous, eager to help and to share stories. He made our day!!! We totally enjoyed our food tour with him!! 
Shera Selzer
4 years ago

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Our small group tour for this Hanoi Food Walking tour operates with a maximum of 6 people. You would pay for the trip to confirm your slot, then join a chat group with your local guide as well as fellow travel buddies, everything would be on Inspitrip.

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

Cancellation is free if you cancel up to 48 hours before the trip date. We believe that this is the fairest way to ensure that both our travelers and local guides are happy.

Does the Small Group option still operate if there are less than 6 people signed up?

Yes, even if you are the only person who signs up for the trip on a given date, the tour will still take place.

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