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Things to do in Bangkok

Experience Bangkok’s epic food and market scene!

  • 8 hours in total

  • Offered in English

  • Lunch, transportation included

What To Expect

Bangkok's markets provide visitors with some of the best local insight into life in the capital. From the handicrafts for sale to the ingredients sold that will later be used to make delicious Thai cuisine, there is no better way to see the capital than through the lenses of one of its many markets. Having a local insider show you around ensures you see only the best and most unique nooks and crannies of these markets as opposed to roaming aimlessly through their seemingly never-ending stalls.

A must see venue of this journey is the Khlong Toei Market, the largest wet market in the capital. This wholesale market is filled with some of the freshest food in town, and many locals come here to get ingredients to make their delicious Thai recipes at their street side stalls and restaurants. This market is best for meandering through and taking photographs, but be warned that some of the “ingredients” are so fresh, they are still alive and kicking.

The market sits just adjacent to the Canal of the Pandan Leaf. This leaf is used in a number of Thai dishes and is fragrant and sweet, which is ironic considering the not so pleasant smell of the open-air market. The canal was dug in the 1850s but has since been filled in to make way for Bangkok's ever-expanding urban decor. This market is everything from terrifying to mesmerizing and usually remains off many of tourists' itineraries simply because they do not know it even exists. There are plenty of fresh food markets around Bangkok, so if a different one interests you, let your local insider know!

After spending time at the wet market, it is time to head to a night bazaar that is more civilized: the Rod Fai Night Market. Instead of pig carcuses and live chickens, visitors will instead be greeted with friendly shop owners, one too many cute clothing vendors, delicious food, and more. There will be only a handful of foreigners in sight as you weave in and out of the vibrant, colorful stalls, selling everything from counterfeit Ray Bans to fried insects for snacking. Again, night bazaars and markets are in abundance in the city. If there is one you want to visit instead, tell your local insider, as the tour is completely customizable.

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  • Start your journey at the Khlong Toey Market
  • Meander through the market, take ample photographs, and indulge your inner foodie
  • Go to Rod Fai Night Market and grab a bite for dinner
  • Explore the market, do a little shopping, try one too many Thai sweets, or even grab a beer and listen to any one of the bar's live music play
  • Head to the fourth floor parking lot of the nearby mall to get a great bird's-eye view of the colorful vendors, making for some stunning photographs
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