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Welcome to Taj Mahal, the crown jewel of India! This 17th-century classic has been one of the most popular attractions on earth for its exquisite design and romantic origins. Built in 1631, the Taj Mahal took 22 years to complete, by more than 20,000 craftsmen and 1000 elephants. You will be amazed by the impeccable symmetry of the composition, and the out-of-this-world talent of those who created the detailed marble inlays.

Yet it can be a challenging task for visitors to fully enjoy all the magic and magnificence of the Taj Mahal. This complex offers so much more than artistic values: from the rich history of the Mughal Empire to the mysteries of love and power between Mumtaz Mahal, to whom this mausoleum was dedicated, and King Shah Jahan. Without prior research, your visit may conclude with little more than a simple art-viewing tour.

Moments after arrival, you will notice another challenge; Taj Mahal welcomes thousands of tourists every day! This place is famous for its lengthy waiting lines and a myriad of scams and hawkers - which could easily wreck your trip.

Such hassles do not exist with Inspitrip local guides who know how to avoid the crowds. Prior research is also unnecessary because they are your live Wikipedia. Let's figure out how to capture the essence of Taj Mahal in the best way possible!

Immerse in the 17th-century romance and glories of India

Imagine having to line up for two hours under the burning heat while constantly being touted at by random photographers or self-proclaimed guides. Once inside, you may find yourself lost in wonder. How was it possible that those incredible marble inlays were indeed man-made? Why did King Shah Jahan devote most of his wealth to construct this for Mumtaz Mahal, his deceased third wife?

What better way to understand this UNESCO World Heritage site than having a trustworthy knowledgeable guide with you? Whether at sunrise or sunset, your Taj Mahal experience will always be worry-free and insightful with Inspitrip.

Skip the line. Avoid the crowd

What else is the Taj Mahal famous for? Long queues that can take up to hours! Therefore even if you are visiting by yourself, an online ticket is recommended to minimize queuing time. With Inspitrip experiences, you don't even have to worry about this task.

What about avoiding the crowd? When is the best time to see the Taj Mahal? Where are the good photo spots? This is the cherry-on-top that our professional, licensed guide can bring to your trip. Altogether these things can level up and add a huge value to your Taj Mahal experience.

Understand the artistic value

“Hard to believe” is how people often describe the incredible construction of the Taj Mahal. On the outside, the building changes color from dawn to dusk; the surrounding minarets were thoughtfully leaned outward to prevent them from ruining the Taj in the case of an earthquake. On the inside, the impeccable marble inlays and other intricate features will blow your mind. Such thoughtfulness and delicacy in its design have made the Taj Mahal the pinnacle of Mughal architecture.

Taj Mahal is undoubtedly the heaven for art lovers, cultural enthusiasts, and history buffs. To truly understand its magical beauty, be sure to do your own research prior to your visit. But if you don't have the time and still want to make the most out of your trip, our knowledgeable guides are here to help!

Uncover hidden tales and secrets

Everybody knows that the Taj Mahal was dedicated to Mumtaz Mahal, the deceased wife of King Shah Jahan. However, was it a demonstration of love or power? What about the four promises that he made on her deathbed? What was Mumtaz Mahal like, a dedicated wife or a smart, power-seeking queen? What is so peculiar about the position of the king's cenotaph?

There are so many mysteries and secrets surrounding this masterpiece. What could be better than walking home with things that are only known by the experts, or tales that are only told among the locals? If you want to absorb in all of the magic and magnificence of Taj Mahal, follow the footsteps of our local guides. Uncover all of the thrilling secrets with Inspitrip!

Frequently asked questions

Is the Taj Mahal really worth a visit?

100% yes! Being one of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal will astound you not only by the unique Mughal architecture (a combination of Persian, Turkish, and Indian influences), but also its historical significance to the country.

If you are a history buff and a culture addict, this mighty yet tender monument complex will trigger your curiosity with several myths and legends hidden behind the emblematic love story. Have you ever heard of the Black Taj Mahal constructed on the other side of Yamuna river, but then destroyed by the King’s son? How did the monuments vanish during the WWII? What is the myth of Third Grave of Taj Mahal? As time has passed, the Taj Mahal has created an irresistible mysterious atmosphere that draws a large of number of tourists coming to look for answers. Grab this chance and venture into its cryptic history with an expert.

If you are an art lover, you will be fascinated by the majestic architecture of the Taj Mahal. It goes beyond imagination as to how such a huge and high structure could have been built over such a difficult spot with the bare hands of a thousand workers. As you come closer, the structure gets smaller in size, with the minarets leaning outward, creating an astounding artistic balance.

When is the best time to visit?

During summertime, Agra is dry and extremely hot, with the average temperature usually above 40℃ in April, and higher in June. Some foreigners may suffer heat stroke and dehydration due to the severe heat. There will also be lots of rainfall from July to September, making the road condition and sightseeing awful. Therefore, the best time to travel to Agra should be in winter, from October to March. These months offer moderate temperatures and clear weather during the day, which is the most comfortable condition to explore the town.

The marvelous beauty of the Taj Mahal varies throughout the day, offering visitors a chance to admire the stunning man-made masterpiece at any time of the day.

If you want to avoid the heat and the crowds, sunrise is ideal. The monument complex appears like a blooming flower when the first sun ray gilds the marble dome with pale pink. An early morning start can be rewarding, with a perfect dawn view of the fresh atmosphere of lazy Agra. If you are not a morning person, a sunset visit is still a great choice. As the sun has set and the daytime temperature is cooler, the monument is surrounded by soft silver light. In late evenings, the Taj appears to be light-bluish in color. It’s preferable to spend as many hours as possible on the Taj complex to witness the different shades of the monuments!

Can I visit the Taj Mahal by myself?

Of course you can! Taj Mahal is the most popular destination in India and a must-see on every tourist's bucket list, so you should not miss out on admiring it. Planning a day trip to Taj Mahal from Delhi is quite simple. You can hire a private car, choose a public bus, or even India's fastest train - Gatimaan Express. It may take about 3 to 4 hours depending on your means of transportation and the traffic condition, yet the scenic view on the way will definitely blow all your tiredness away.

You can buy tickets on-site or online. Still, expect to encounter a long queue at the entrance, since it is reported to have more than 12,000 visitors daily. There are three gates to enter, namely Western Gate, Eastern Gate, and Southern Gate, each with a security checkpoint. Many items such as food, liquor, power banks, or even tripods are strictly prohibited. Also, female travelers are suggested not to travel to India alone due to the complicated social situation. If you take some time to do some research then you will have basic knowledge of this world-famous wonder. This knowledge may save your trip from an unfortunate incident!

Or, you can travel with a local expert who can keep you away from hassles, and answer all of your questions. With help from a professional and knowledgeable local guide selected by Inspitrip, your trip to explore the iconic Taj Mahal will be totally worry-free and insightful. You are free to skip the line, and get the best pictures of the Taj while uncovering all the myths and legends that have been told for centuries.

How long should I stay at the Taj Mahal?

The monument complex is the main attraction of Agra. This includes the iconic Taj Mahal, the ancient Agra Fort, the Baby Taj, the famous sunset point Mehtab Bagh (Moonlight garden), and the tomb of Fatehpur Sikri, found 40km outside the city. You can totally explore this famous destination on a day trip or stay overnight. Arrive early in the morning to be one of the first ones to catch the mesmerizing sunrise. Then explore the marvelous beauty of the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort; gain real knowledge of its cool history and then head to the town to get a glimpse into traditional Indian lifestyle. If you choose to stay overnight, arrive in the afternoon to admire the stunning sunset view of Mehtab Bagh, or explore the beauty of the monuments under the moonlight. Wake up at 5 o’clock the next morning and visit the Taj at sunrise then have breakfast before leaving Agra.

Why should I travel to the Taj Mahal with Inspitrip?

Because we have many options with tons of insightful experiences for you. Available in an all-inclusive private tour, every itinerary offered by Inspitrip is exclusively designed to suit your needs and desires. And most importantly, your trip will be guided by a local expert who is always passionate about sharing the most authentic experiences with you and enriching your travel experiences.