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Are you looking for an easy day trip to squeeze into your Bangkok itinerary? Then be sure to check out Ayutthaya, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is but an hour's drive from the capital. It is often described as a photographer's dream destination, and anyone who visits will soon find out why.

Ayutthaya was once a flourishing center of global politics, economy, and religion. It was founded in 1350 and remained a thriving city until it was almost entirely burnt down by the Burmese when they invaded in 1767. Regardless of all the destruction, many of the mere ruins are sufficient to leave all visitors in awe.

Once upon a time, Siamese kings sponsored the building of marvelous Buddhist temples, gold-laden palaces, and a highly-advanced hydraulic system in Ayutthaya. The city welcomed merchants and travelers from around the globe, which left a strong influence on Ayutthaya's architecture and art. For all of these reasons and more, a day trip to this city is the perfect way to learn more about Thailand's incredible history, culture, and art.

But how will you go about making your trip here worthwhile?

The best Ayutthaya trip you will ever find

Ayutthaya is essentially the Angkor Wat of Thailand: ruins of temples and palaces tell the stories of what was once a great, ancient civilization. The aura here will make you feel as though you have stepped into another world and left the Land of Smiles altogether. You may find yourself wondering why there are so many headless Buddha images. Or you may want to know more about how a Buddha's head grew into the roots of a bodhi tree.

What better way to understand these ancient ruins than having a knowledgeable, local guide accompany you? Whether you venture here by car, cruise, with a private or group tour, our wide range of Ayutthaya experiences are sure to please every type of traveler. Best of all, your trip will be insightful and worry-free. What more could you possibly want?

Getting around is easy-breezy

Did you know that the temple ruins are scattered around a 289-ha area? On a sunny day, it can be quite exhausting just to walk from one temple to the next. Rainy days are even worse! Visitors to Ayutthaya Historical Park oftentimes rent a tuk-tuk out for the day to save themselves from the hassle, yet at the risk of being overcharged by drivers.

Why waste time and energy on such a risky experience? At reasonable prices, all of our tours offer rides in an air-conditioned vehicle or bicycles so that you can relax and have more time to spend exploring each historic find.

Ayutthaya Historical Park

Temple tiredness? Not a problem.

There are countless temples inside Ayutthaya; each has its own unique history. You can surely do temple hoping for a photography experience, but after a while, they might all begin to look similar to one another. Therefore, history buffs and culture lovers might want to do your own research beforehand. Don't put yourself in a hopeless situation trying to give the place the appreciation it deserves. In such case, our knowledgeable local guides are more than happy to help!

The grandest temple Wat Phra Si Sanphet

Responsible travel: NO animal abuse.

In the past, elephants were able to roam the city freely and live with the Siamese (old Thailand) in harmony. Sadly, this is no longer the case. Elephants are used as a means of transportation and amusement against their will. Poor treatment and exploitation of elephants and other wild animals in Thailand are unfortunately quite common. With Inspitrip, however, you can rest assured that we provide transportation options that not only protect the animals and the environment but are also comfortable and safe.

Visitors ride elephants around Ayutthaya

When in Thailand, do as the Thais do.

We have seen many travelers capture their joy in Ayutthaya with selfies and fun poses, only to later be criticized by locals for disrespecting the religious structures found here. We get it. There are great cultural differences between the East and West, especially when you find yourself in a country with deep religious traditions. Do not let these differences ruin your adventure here. Instead, follow our local guide's advice on how to enjoy these temples and be respectful while expressing your excitement!

Thai people is praying in Ayutthaya

Frequently asked questions

Is Ayutthaya really worth a visit?

It certainly is! The former capital of Siam used to be one of the most powerful cities in the world in the 17th century. In Thai history, the city was also a symbol of the Golden Age, which produced some of the greatest works of Thai literature, art, and economics. Although only the ruins of palaces and temples remain here today, a trip to Ayutthaya may be one of your most memorable excursions in the entire Kingdom.

For those travelers who want a break from the oftentimes chaotic city of Bangkok, Ayutthaya is a great place to frequent, as well. It is only located 85 kilometers from the capital on an island surrounded by three rivers. The atmosphere in Ayutthaya is a tranquil and natural one, where you will find plenty of foliage and fresh air to enjoy. Walking or cycling around the Ayutthaya Historical Park will make you feel as though you have left the City of Angels far behind you.

When is the best time to visit?

There is a dry and rainy season in Ayutthaya, although the city remains fairly hot all year-round. The best time to visit is during the dry season, which takes place from December to February. It is not too humid and the sky is bright blue, allowing you to get some awesome photographs of the temples.

How you are going to get around the city is also something to keep in mind when deciding when it is you want to visit. The park is large (289 ha), and the temples are scattered sporadically throughout. Walking may not be the best form of transportation, especially during the rainy season, so visitors during this time may opt for a vehicle to stay dry (and cool).

Can I visit Ayutthaya by myself?

Of course. If you are feeling adventurous, you can take a bus or train to get to Ayutthaya. The train normally takes about 1.5 hours to get there. Then, you can get a tuk-tuk (about ฿500 a day) or rent a bicycle (about ฿50 a day) to get around town. Make sure to bargain, as well. If you already know which specific temples you would like to visit, let the tuk-tuk driver know beforehand. Otherwise, they may take you on a standard tour route.

An easier way to have an incredible experience in Ayutthaya is to book an Inspitrip tour. You can save time on trying to figure out all of the logistics as well as relish in all of the insider knowledge and local insight our guides are equipped with.

Is there anything I should know before visiting?

Visitors to this historical city are expected to show respect when visiting each temple. While there may be no specific dress codes at each and every one, it is important to note that (for the most part), your shoulders, knees, and chest should be covered. You must also note that having dirty feet is considered disrespectful, as is stepping or climbing on any Buddhas (even the damaged ones). Do not point your feet towards any religious items, structures, or people, as the feet are considered to be the most disrespectful part of a person’s body. Doing so could cause a cultural rift in your visit, which is best to avoid.

Why should I travel to Ayutthaya with Inspitrip?

Because we have so many experience options for you to choose from. From the number of people to the form of transportation, there is plenty of room to tailor our awesome tours.

Most importantly, all of our experiences are handcrafted by our local guides. They are passionate about bringing you the most satisfying experience as well as promoting sustainable tourism.